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Friday was Nyxem Day

Mark Edwards

The Nyxem virus reared its ugly head on Friday last week. It's known by various names including 'Nyxem' and 'Blackmal' and could delete Office and Acrobat documents from your computer.

On the third of each month, starting last Friday it will destroy Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Acrobat files plus Access databases among others.

The worm, which is spread through e-mail, uses a dated technique to entice users by promising pornography, says Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant, at Sophos. Nyxem lacks the sophistication of recent Trojan horse-style viruses that are more targeted and less prevalent in order to evade detection, Cluley says.

Your antivirus software and safe practices when dealing with email are more than adequate to prevent infection, however, the virus's creators have posted a counter on a Web site that records new infections. According to F-Secure's security blog, the counter was showing around 510,000 infections about two weeks ago.

Once running on a computer it can infect other computers on the network so even computers that don't have normal email access could be infected.

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