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Bigger, Better and Smarter

Mark Edwards

If you have recently bought a new PC, it probably came with a flat screen LCD monitor.

I recently upgraded to new Dell and decided to replace my bulky and heavy 21" CRT monitor with a wide-screen flat-panel 24" Dell Ultrasharp.

With a native resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels, this size screen is great for having multiple windows open simultaneously side by side.

Whilst the resolution and colour rendition is awesome, the thing that really impressed me about this monitor was not on the front.

On the left hand edge are a whole range of ports. There are 4 extra USB ports to plug in various other devices like digital cameras, printers or external hard drives without having to crawl under the desk to get to your PC.

Even more clever is the integrated 9-in-1 flash card reader. This allows you to plug the memory card from your mobile phone, digital camera or digital videocamera directly into the side of your screen to access its contents.

That elminates the cable that I had hanging out of the front of my last computer to interface my digital camera.

Speaking of eliminating cables, I have also switched to a wireless keyboard and mouse. I mentioned the trouble I had buying this in my last article.

If you are not using a multifunction keyboard then you really are missing out on a lot of productivity gains, but that is another article.

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