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Spyware Continued

Mark Edwards

I can't imagine that any of us had a high opinion of the makers

and marketers of spyware, however, the following actions by one

spyware purveyor managed to set a new low level for me.

Some spyware makers are using their lawyers to pressure the

writers of anti-adware packages to stop listing their programs

for removal.

iDownload.com, the company responsible for iSearch, which

according to Symantec is "a search hijacker and also tracks user

activity on a remote server at isearch.com" recently sent cease

and desist letters to several anti spyware sites.

These letters threatened legal action if the sites continued

their efforts to try to stop people being infected with the

iSearch software.

I know I certainly would not want iSearch on my computer.

Amongst other things in their electronic user license agreement

is this little gem:

"without any further prior notice to you... install software from

iSearch affiliates; and install Third Party Software."

I cannot imagine the day I would give anyone the right to install

an unknown piece of software of their choice on my computer, let

alone iDownload.com.

So the spyware saga continues. I doubt this is the last we have

seen of this tactic.

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