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Bubble to Boom

Mark Edwards

The dot-bomb, the tech wreck, call it what you will, it is over.

Google, last week posted its first result as a public company. Google's revenue for the third quarter totalled $US805.9 million, up from $US393.3 million last year. The company earned $US52 million, during the three months ended in September, compared to $US20.4 million at the same time last year. Without the inclusion of a couple of large one-off charges this result would have been over three times higher.

Google's revenue is all from online advertising sales, about 50% on sites owned by the company, and the rest on partner sites who display Google advertising.

Unlike in the late 90's, this revenue is not ill informed venture capital. This money is coming from regular businesses who see a positive return from their online ad spend.

Why are they getting this return? Because ordinary people are spending more money online.

The result Yahoo! posted in July showed similar growth. Revenue for the quarter was $609 million, compared with $321 million a year ago.

This is a clear and powerful trend. The time to implement an online strategy if you have not already done so is now!

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