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Orange Makes me see Red

Mark Edwards

For those of you who trade regularly on the stock exchange, having a mobile source of live trading data is a valuable tool.

I do a bit of derivatives trading and thought such a tool might be of benefit.

Recently, at a Brisbane investment seminar, I heard about a product called the Orange Pocketwatch. It is a pager that provides live streaming access to ASX Stocks, Options, Warrants, SPI futures, SFE Futures, Forex, Market Indices, Commodities, CBOT, CME, Global Futures, Precious Metals, Reuters and Dow Jones News, CFD.

In addition, it allows you to set high/low limits on any item you are watching. You receive an alert when any of your preset limits are reached.

The Pocketwatch sounded ideal.

I did a quick search online and found the Orange website which had lots of information about the product including the full operating manual. The website was well designed, answered many of the questions I had about the product.

The site did not have any pricing information so I tried calling the national sales number.

This is where the wheels fell off.

Orange is owned by Hutchison Telecommunications (Australia) Limited, so as you would expect for a company of this size, there was no operator to answer your calls. After navigating the sales menu through about 3 levels, I was being read the privacy message before being able to speak with an operator when the call dropped out.

I tried again, got to exactly the same point in the process and the call dropped out.

Not giving up hope, I decided to contact them via the website.

I sent an email to the sales information address asking for further information and pricing as well as alerting them that their telephone system had stymied my efforts to contact them.

In response I received an automated email which told me:

Thank-you for contacting us

We have received your email and it has been registered in our queue.

Your request will be forwarded to the relevant specialist to ensure you

receive the right service.



Two days later, I am still waiting for the right service, or any service for that matter.

At this point, their salesperson, if one ever calls, will have a pretty tough time selling me a Pocketwatch. If this is their level of response when I am trying to give them money, how will they treat me if I ever have to call about a technical problem?

Anyway, I am off to talk to their competitors.

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