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eBay: The Missing Manual

Mark Edwards

eBay is truly a successful online business. Not only that, many people make a living running their successful online businesses solely through the eBay auction site.

eBay has become a popular passtime and destination for bargain hunters.

For those new to eBay, there are a plethora of books available to get you started, here is another one.

Part of a series published by O'Reilly (a bit like the successful For Dummies series), eBay: The Missing Manual is genuinely useful and easy to read.

The book is divided into three sections, one dedicated to buying on eBay, one to selling, and one to communicating with other eBay users. Several appendices round out the book, with the inclusion of a short summary of other auction sites. The book is full of information, tips, and tricks. This is certainly worth a look for everyone from the seasoned eBay user to someone just starting out.

eBay : The Missing Manual, ISBN: 0596006446

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