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Check the Source

Mark Edwards

Recently, I received an email which is currently doing the rounds detailing the appearance of Idaho resident Kathy Evans on the US version of "Who wants to be a Millionaire".

In the email Kathy's first question for $100 was:

“Which of the following is the largest?”

A) A Peanut

B) An Elephant

C) The Moon

D) Hey, who you calling large?

She then uses a 50/50 lifeline leaving B) An Elephant and C) The Moon. Still unsure she phones a friend and asks the audience before choosing the wrong answer against the overwhelming advice of the audience and her phone a friend.

She decides that an elephant is larger than the moon.

Firstly, this story is satirical. Whilst I could not ascertain if there was a Kathy Evans contestant on the show, the story itself is a joke. It was originally written for the satirical news site BSNews www.bsnews.org , a site similar to The Onion www.theonion.com/

Original story: www.bsnews.org/articles/135

Unfortunately, this story has already been copied and posted multiple times as truth around the Internet. Another urban legend has been born.

It always pays to check the source of something like this especially if you plan on forwarding it to your friends.

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