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Cloudmark Anti-Fraud Toolbar

Mark Edwards

As many of you would know I use a spam filtering service called Cloudmark Desktop. This anti-spam system uses a network of almost 2 million people to identify spam email messages and passes that information on to the rest of the network. In operation, whenever you see a spam message in your inbox you alert the Cloudmark network by pressing a Block button that is installed on your email reader as part of the software. This alerts the network which then blocks it for the rest of the network users.

The same company have released the Cloudmark Anti-Fraud Toolbar to improve the safety of your web browsing. The Cloudmark anti-fraud toolbar evaluates each web page you visit and rates it as "Good" or "Unsafe". This site rating helps you gauge the trustworthiness of a site before you provide personal or confidential information that puts you at risk of identity theft or phishing attacks. Additionally, the site rating is also takes into account malicious content such as viruses, spyware, and worms.

If you land on a page which you recognize to have harmful content, just click the Block button to warn others . You can even classify the page you block as Spam, Fraud or Adult.

Each member of the Cloudmark Collaborative Network earns a reputation with the Cloudmark Service based on how accurately they identify fraudulent and harmful web pages. Users who unblock web pagesówhile thousands of others block themólose reputation. By accurately blocking fraudulent and harmful web pages and unblocking legitimate web pages, your reputation increases.

At the moment, the toolbar is only available for Internet Explorer as a beta version, however, it is free. I have tried it out and it appears to work well.


If you would like to reduce your spam email problem to almost nil then you should use the Cloudmark Desktop.


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