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Why Firefox should be your browser

Mark Edwards

Whilst I was casting around for an article, I started reading a recent copy of the Windows Secrets newsletter (formerly Woody's Windows Watch and Brian's Buzz on Windows it is published twice a month and contains, amongst other things, information about the latest updates and vulnerabilities in popular software).

This particular issue from early August, contained a warning about a vulnerability in the Firefox web browser software. Essentially, a hacker could craft a web page which, if you were convinced to set an image on the site as your wallpaper using the Firefox browser that hacker could execute code on your computer doing whatever damage they wished.

It was a critical vulnerability and one that I thought I should bring to people's attention.

I visited the Firefox website to find out what the status of this bug was only to find that the latest release of the software, which I had installed on my computer, contained a fix for this bug.

This short turnaround time from known problem to solution is typical of Firefox.

If you have not already, get Firefox.


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