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Spam is Serious

Mark Edwards

Few of us would dispute the statement I make in the title of this article. Yet some people who should know better just do not get it.

I regularly receive emails from contacts giving me their new email address. They had to close down the old one because the volume of spam it received had made it unusable. I am sure these people are well aware of the need to reduce spam.

So who are the people who don't get it?

I received a spam email recently from an events marketing firm in Brisbane promoting "THE OPTUS QUT PORTMANN INNOVATION SERIES 2004". Was this email spam? Definitely! It was sent to my private email address which I have never used to give anyone permission to send marketing materials.

This activity is illegal and leaves those involved with this event open to prosecution.

Not only that, the idea of promotion is to make people want to do business with you, not prosecute you!

If the events promotion firm came up with the idea of using spam email as a tool then at best they are utterly clueless. If it was the client's idea then the promotion firm should have talked them out of it.

My advice, if you are planning to promote yourself online talk to experts like Raycon rather than amateurs who may land you and your firm in trouble. It is cheaper to do it properly than to wind up in court.

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