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Quicken Backflip

Mark Edwards

Late in 2003, I wrote an article about how Quicken, the producers of Quickbooks accounting software, charged me a $9 fee to reinstall the software I had already paid for on my new PC. I assumed this was to prevent software piracy, however, on completing the process for which there were no exemptions, I was not even asked the reason why I was reinstalling the software.

I compared this to Microsoft's reasonable policy of asking for a valid reason why you were reinstalling their software before granting an additional activation key.

The feedback from this article was almost overwhelming, with many of you writing to tell me of many cases in which Quicken had done the same thing to you. There was a common theme of arrogance towards customers. They really did not care if you liked it or not or how useful your referrals were to their future business, they just wanted their $9.

At the time I wrote a 2 page letter to their customer service manager in Sydney which was ignored.

Today, I received an email from Greg Wilkinson the CEO and Founder of Quicken Australia about this very issue. In fact, I received 2 copies of this same email. Greg is obviously keen to ensure I get his message.

The email contains Greg's sincere apology for the inconvenience of this $9 re-registration charge. Gee, thanks Greg. Though it sure was a long time coming.

More importantly, Greg is refunding all of the $9 re-registration charges we were forced to pay in the past.

Quite sensibly, Quicken is now setting up a secure online re-registration facility which we can use without paying any charges in future.

What was behind this backflip? Did Quicken listen to the feedback from their valuable customers? Unfortunately not.

It appears that some customers forwarded details of this charge to the ACCC who investigated the matter. As a result of the investigation by the ACCC it was found that "the imposition of the re-registration fee was not made clear prior to the purchase".

To get your refund visit:


You also get a $45 upgrade credit for use at your next upgrade.

Don't delay, because there is a June 30 deadline on lodging your claim.

All up, this is an expensive and embarrassing result for Quicken which could have been avoided by the simple expedient of listening and acting on the concerns of their customers.

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