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Broadband Redundancy

Mark Edwards

It used to be that if there was ever a problem with your phone line you could pretty much pack up and go home. Now, if there is a problem with your computer, your network, or your Internet connection the same holds true.

Whilst redundancy in your computer or your network is pretty expensive, having a redundant Internet connection is not too hard or expensive to organise. With the falling cost of broadband, having a redundant broadband connection is no longer an extravagance.

Last week, I set up a second broadband connection to my home office. I already have a cable connection so I purchased an ADSL account with BigPond.

Telstra allow you to use your own modem, or you can self install the modem they send you using the excellent, included documentation, or they can install it for you.

If you select a low usage plan, the cost of the ADSL account is only a few hundred dollars per year.

The cable network is seperate to the phone/ADSL network so the number of times both networks are unavailable should be extremely rare.

In the event that the cable network is unavailable, it is a simple matter to unplug the connection from the cable modem and turn on and plug in the ADSL modem then your work can continue.

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