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Cloudmark Review

Mark Edwards

Late in November 2003, I installed Cloudmark SpamNet anti spam software. This anti-spam system uses a network of over 1.1 million people [when I first installed it that number was 750,000 people] to identify spam email messages and passes that information on to the rest of the network. In operation, whenever you see a spam message in your inbox you alert the Cloudmark network by pressing a Block button that is installed on your email reader as part of the software. This alerts the network which then blocks it for the rest of the network users.

Around that time I promised I would report on how well it did the job. Having used it now for almost 11 months I would have to say it is superb.

Here are the figures.

o I have received a total of 32,370 emails during the period.

o I have received a total of 1,333 spam emails. This number is rising from month to month.

o Cloudmark caught and filtered 1,299 of these for me.

o I had to manually identify the remaining 34 as spam emails. This averages to only 3 per month which is a great result. Even more impressive is the fact that most of these were in the first six months. The rate now is less than one per month.

o There were some false positives [genuine emails incorrectly labeled as spam] but these were almost exclusively in the first few months. Once I told Cloudmark to let these through I have had no further problem. I have not had a single false positive in weeks.

Without Cloudmark SpamNet I would have to deal with over 120 spam emails every month. With this software installed I am very close to not having to deal with any!

It certainly gets my vote as a really useful piece of software.

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