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Change Your View

Mark Edwards

Have you ever visited a website and thought, "Why did they use that small typeface? I can hardly read it!"

With that thought in mind, many larger websites offer users the option to increase the size of text on the site by selecting a menu option. The National Australia Bank website is a good example of this. At their homepage www.national.com.au on the right nad side near the top there is a list of 6 small icons. They are, from right to left, Bookmark this page, Search the site, Rate this page, Print this page, Normal text size, Large text size.

The standard which has emerged to denote this viewing control for a page is a small and large "A" next to each other.

Whilst this is a useful feature, not all websites are so thoughtful. So what to do in the vast majority of cases where there is no inbuilt page control.

The answer is literally in your hand.

If your mouse has a central wheel to allow you to scroll through page content, try holding down the control key and moving the wheel on your mouse whilst viewing a web page.

All going well, you should see the size of text increase as you roll the wheel down and decrease when you roll the wheel up.

Whilst this trick does not work on any graphical text, it does work on any text displayed via Internet Explorer and Outlook can use the same trick to increase the size of email text.

If you are one of the happy users of Firefox, you will find that your control over the text size is unlimited whilst IE allow a series of changes before ceasing.

Happy browsing!

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