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Unfortunate Domain Names

Mark Edwards

Whilst long domain names are a great way of describing the basic service offering of a site, some company names when run together become unfortunate double entendres.

Consider the following list of real sites which has been doing the rounds online:

[Note, you will have to work out the double entendres yourself with the aid of my not so subtle clues, as if I make it completely obvious, your spam filter will block this message]

Who Represents dot com [Who rePresents] is a search service enabling subscribers to find the agent representing a celebrity.

Experts Exchange dot com [ExpertS exChange] is an online directory for businesses.

Pen Island dot net [Pen isLand] So you're about to sign that $50 million deal and need a fancy pen for the paperwork, the boys at Pen Island have you covered. They should have taken the hint when the dot com version of their domain name was being used to promote porn sites.

Therapist Finder dot com [TheRapist Finder] can help you locate one or more qualified, licensed professionals, including Marriage and Family Therapists.

Mole Station Nursery dot com [Mole station Nursery] direct from this native plant nursery in New South Wales, one of the most unfortunate combinations of the lot to end this sorry parade.

Some of these sites have since registered more appropriate domain name. Therapist Finder is now camft.org Mole Station is now molerivernursery.com.

It just shows that a little bit of thought up front can save a lot of laughter at your expense.

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