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Email Newsletter Services

End your email newsletter production and delivery nightmares by using our automated email newsletter delivery and management systems.

Our solution provides:

List management software to monitor new subscribers, unsubscribers, mailing statistics.

Tracking of reasons why people leave your list.

Tracking of the source of new subscribers.

Daily backups of your database.

Website pages for your users to subscribe, unsubscribe and change their list preferences.

Templates for storing all the common elements of your newsletter.

Simple form to complete to produce each issue.

Customisable welcome message to new subscribers explaining how to use the list features.

Send special announcements to your list quickly and simply.

Automated processing of undeliverable emails.

Features to encourage "subscribe a friend" and build your subscriber list.

Support for HTML and Text Only formats of the email - subscribers choose which they want.

Send proof copies of the email to all people in the editing team with one click.

One click mailing - send the email with a single mouseclick.

Scheduled mailing - set the email to send at a specific time and let our server send it for you.

Privacy policy for your subscribers to view.

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