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Daniel Brammall - Brammall Financial - Canberra

Having a website for my business is no longer a luxury. I needed one. To do what, though? It had to be easy to update with text as the ideas occurred to me and with photos as client events happened. As interesting as it is, if I spend the time necessary learning how to construct and maintain my own website, my business will quickly fade to nothing more than a fond memory.

Enter Mark Edwards.

I now upload data anytime I like quickly, easily and simply, without knowing a single thing about html or java and without having had to master the latest website creation software. What's even better, though, is anytime there's a problem, a replied solution to my email query is never more than a few hours away. Try that with Telstra! Rather than having become a statistic like the millions of other websites that say "under construction", my website is well maintained because it's sooooo easy. Now I can get back to making my business profitable rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.

Kharen Malone - Chapman & French - Sydney

Having suffered several virus attacks and speed degradation in spite of being under the care of an IT supplier, we called on Raycon to review our system and network set-up. We were impressed with their approach so we engaged them to handle our IT support.

Since then our system and network performance has dramatically improved and we are now proactively protected against viruses. Each month we receive detailed worksheets showing exactly what was done on each machine in our office.

Rather than us reporting IT problems and them fixing them, Raycon prevent any problems from occurring and report to us what they have done. They also watch our system for impending problems and alert us with plenty of time to plan a solution if they find anything.

Recently, we had a weekend electrical maintenance shutdown in our building and on the Monday morning, Raycon contacted us to ask if we knew why the power had gone off over the weekend. Even though this was a false alarm, it gave us confidence that they are looking after us and will catch anything important before it becomes a problem.

If you want a reliable IT supplier Raycon are a great choice.

Anthony Ditton - Azteknology - London

When we need complex back-end work done on a client site we talk to Raycon. We no longer waste time trying to shoehorn a client site into an off the shelf solution when we can get a custom application that fits their requirements like a glove from Raycon. For easy to use solutions to complex technical problems Raycon is a one stop shop.

Lesley Dewar - Upper Quartile - Perth

When we created Upper Quartile, (www.upperquartile.com.au) we knew that the success of the business depended on having a trouble free, highly professional subscription and delivery system through the Internet. We briefed a very upmarket, well known web design firm in Perth to develop the site. After 8 months and billing us with fees of $64,000 (for what should have been a $20,000 to $30,000 job) - we still did not have a workable website. Within a couple of weeks of accepting $20,000 from us, with the site still not finished, they put their business into administration and we were left with an unusable site and $34,000 out of pocket. As a small business owner, this was an enormous loss of cash flow for me.

Raycon taking over the project was like a breath of fresh air. They accepted our brief, redesigned the site from scratch and we were up 'live' within a couple of months. We now have a fantastic site that is a dream to run. Raycon are completely professional. Nothing seems to be impossible for them and they certainly listen, understand and explain. You are never made to feel like an idiot or criticised for wanting to know how it works. We learned the hard way that there are firms out there who will not admit that they don't have the expertise or the experience to deliver what you need. If you are building a business online, you would mad if you do not talk to Raycon and let them design your dream site.

Peter Thornhill - Motivated Money - Sydney

As I am an illiterate user of technology, my "takeup" rate was slow. Raycon has put enormous useable grunt behind my website. Instead of being a reluctant user of technology, I am enjoying it immensely. Good "engineering" behind the site makes a huge difference to my efficiency. Their after sales service is awesome!